Inflatable Hot Tub Guide

Can I Use My Inflatable Hot Tub During WinterCan I Use My Inflatable Hot Tub During Winter?

Who doesn’t love a good dip in the hot tub during the winter days? And of course that would be outside, and not inside with the hot cocoa and fireplace. There are some adventurous dippers that like the cold weather to contrast with the hot 104f temperature of their hot tub, and with the perfect setup it can be a once in a lifetime experience. But is it safe to do so without doing damage to the hot tub? This guide goes deep into some of the myths that are told about operating a hot tub in the winter. Not only is it possible, but it’s done more than you think, and with all models of hot tubs. Preparation is key to enjoying your hot tub in the winter, and that is something else this guide will help you to figure out.

Ways of Detecting a Leak In a Blow Up Hot TubDetecting a Leak In a Blow Up Hot Tub

One of the worst things that can happen with any inflatable material is for it to get a leak. Things get worse when that inflatable material is a hot tub with water in it, along with the other electrical components attached to it. Of the many things that can go wrong with an inftalable hot tub, this is not one of the common themes. But when it does happen, spotting it and patching it up quickly should be a priority. A professional usually doesn’t need to be called in for a leak, but if it comes down to it customers shouldn’t be afraid to make the phone call. With the warranties and extended warranties being offered customers are protected if something goes wrong. So learning when to back off the DIY wagon and call in that warranty will do you a world of good.

Difference Between Inflatable and Portable Hot Tub

When going out to make the purchase of an inflatable hot tub vs. a portable hot tub, there can be problems related to what the best purchase is. On one hand the inflatable hot tub can go anywhere, inside, outside, or even travel with you in your RV until you settle down somewhere. Then you have the portable hot tub that is not as easy to move once you put it into place, but has a sturdier foundation and better built in features. The jets on an inflatable hot tub are great, but the jets on a portable hot tub are better by comparison. This guide will go through the differences of each and let you know why it is a good idea to choose one over the other and if you’re getting the better end of the deal when you make the final purchase.

How to Choose, Install and Use Water Cartridges with My Hot Tub?How to Choose, Install and Use Water Cartridges with My Hot Tub?

Every good thing comes to an end, most notably the life of any filter. There is no filter that will last you a lifetime, but a benefit of a hot tub cartridge is that taking care of it can give you an extra year of protection. Hot tub cartridges are very durable if taken care of, and if you choose the correct one it can even go even longer than expected. The challenge here is to stay away from generic brands that make a lot of promises that they can’t keep. Installation for any brand is a simple job that will only take you a few minutes, and once you get the technique down it will be even quicker. Since the prices are so low for replacement cartridges, sticking to name branded versions makes a lot more sense than taking a risk.

How To Treat Your Inflatable Hot Tub?To Treat Your Inflatable Hot Tub?

If you spend a lot of time in a new hot tub but don’t know about how to maintain it, then this article will give you some proper care tips. Taking care of an inflatable hot tub isn’t any different than taking care of a regular hot tub. In many cases the maintenance work is less, since you can put away and store an inflatable hot tub. Proper steps should be taken to ensure that you get the full value of your purchase, rather than an inflatable hot tub that will just break from misuse within the first year. Inflatable hot tubs have come a long way in terms of durability and are now non par with regular hot tubs. To ensure that you get the best of both worlds, please use these care tips on how to treat your hot tub.

Surface under Inflatable/Portable Hot Tub

Before you even purchase your hot tub it may be a good idea to think about where it will go. Since the setup you have ready for it may not be the best, scouting out the perfect setting will go a long way in determining what type of hot tub you get. For some customers this is an easy choice if they have a prebuilt deck, but for others it may be a more involved choice. Decks also have weight limits that need to be adhered to, and could require more support if you want to install a hot tub on it. All of these factors will help you decide on the type of hot tub you want, and also if you want it in that area in the first place. It’s a simple exercise in measurements and features that every customer should do before purchasing their first hot tub.

Relax and Unwind with Portable, Inflatable Hot Tubs

Up to this point hot tubs have been seen as sort of a luxury item for only the rich and famous. Times have changed, and hot tubs are available for all ranges of income. So what exactly has everyone been missing? This article explains some of the many things that a hot tub can add to your life, even beyond the luxury element. If you hold a party for a holiday or two, then it can really add some excitement to your party to have a hot tub for the guests to use. Invite family over every now and again? Having a hot tub for them to lay out and relax in will do wonders. The best way to get rid of stress besides your bed in the home should be the hot tub, and soon you’ll see why more people are turning to hot tubs in order to unwind from a long day.

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean?How To Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean?

A really dirty hot tub is a hazard to not only the people in it, but the equipment itself. Even if the hot tub manages to function correctly, behind the scenes there is a lot of irreparable damage being done that will cost you money and possibly void your warranty. In order to avoid this, it is advisable to not only switch out the water when necessary, but to take preventative measure to keep it as clean as possible. Not only will this top your filter from dying a quick death, it will even prolong its life. If you don’t like buying a filter each year and would like to supercharge yours, then this is the article that will help you do that. A lot of care options are covered that will keep your hot tub clean and your wallet closed.