How to Choose, Install and Use Water Cartridges with My Hot Tub

How to Choose, Install and Use Water Cartridges with Hot Tub?

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How to Choose, Install and Use Water Cartridges with My Hot TubHot tub water cartridges, or hot tub filters, are very important for keeping your hot tub free of debris and bad materials. Knowing how to maintain and take care of these cartridges will go a long way in minimizing the extra costs associated with bad filters. Below is a full guide in showing you what is necessary for fully install and use a water cartridge.

Choosing the Cartridge

How to Choose, Install and Use Water Cartridges with Hot TubThis is pretty simple upkeep if you do your homework on the filters. The number 1 rule of thumb is to never go with a generic brand of filter. You don’t have to choose one of the big companies, but at least choose a filter that is from a company that has been around a while. The filter has a big job to accomplish with keep your hot tub going smoothly, so why entrust it to an unknown brand? You also want to match your filter with your use, and the size of the hot tub itself.

Choosing a filter too small will end up with you having to clean it more often, and in a worst case scenario the filter clogging because it can’t handle the workload. Nothing is worse than dropping money on an item that breaks within a month of use, forcing you to not only be without a hot tub but to have to clean it and buy a new filter. But the last rule is the most important, and that is to choose a filter that isn’t hard to find. If you end up getting a hard to find filter, then you can always buy more than one so that you always have a backup.

Installing the Cartridge

This is almost like a 1-2-3 method and involves very little headaches. Start by finding the location of your hot tub filter, if you don’t already know where it is. When you remove the old filter, make sure to clean the housing assembly out as some extra debris may have collected in it. The best way to find the location of the filter is to check the manual or your manufacturer’s website. Installing the new filter is just the reverse process used to remove the old filter. Once everything is back in place you can choose to keep the old filter and clean it or just toss it in the trash. It really is that easy to install a water filter, and it is a process that takes mere minutes.

Using and Cleaning the Water Cartridge

How to Choose, Install and Use Water Cartridges with My Hot TubThere is only one way to really use a water filter, but several ways to clean and maintain it. Before you get to the point of actually cleaning or removing the filter, you should take steps to do minor maintenance every 2-3 weeks on the filter. This will depend largely on usage, and is as simple as cleaning the filter from hair, leaves, skin and other debris. Just rinsing it off and checking will complete the process, and it only takes 2 minutes to do. Now when you get to the 2 month-3 month mark, you need to do a full analysis. So here are some of the best ways to clean a hot tub filter and get the most out of its life cycle.

The automated way to clean your filter is by buying a filter cleaning cartridge. These cartridges attach to your garden hose and allows you to attach the dirty filter to the cartridge. When you turn on the hose it will restrict the stream to a powerful but safe spray that rotates the filter and cleans it at the same time, but will only take a few minutes. Your filter will be as good as new, and all without the manual labor work if you had did it by hand. These cartridges are not expensive at all and are easy to use, so make sure to have one handy just in case.

How to Choose, Install and Use Water Cartridges with Hot TubChemicals like Acid Magic is another option, but now we are going into manual cleaning territory. If you notice your filter is incredibly blocked then using acid cleaning products will really be helpful in giving life to your filter. Not all products like Acid Magic are created equal, so make sure to do your homework if you decide to get a generic product or competing brand. You always want an acid solution that is all natural and specifically meant for cleaning hot tub filters. Using one that isn’t branded safe for hot tubs can cause foaming issues that is difficult to get rid of. Remember that natural is always better when cleaning a hot tub filter.

Other chemical options to consider are the overnight soakers Eco Soak and Power Soak. Just simple find a bucket that can be filled with enough water to cover the filter, and dilute the solution with one of the above chemicals. It usually takes 24 hours but once it is done just rinse and let it dry out so that your filter is as good as new. These products are very strong, so make sure to use the recommended amount and don’t overdo it.

There have been claims of home remedies for cleaning filters which is hard to recommend. Whether it is the vinegar soak, car wash products, laundry detergent, or even dish washing soap, none of these methods are good for your filter. The recommended methods are not expensive and can be found everywhere in many stores. Remember that if the filter goes kaput and you don’t have a backup, then your hot tub can’t be used.


That concludes the guide for choosing, installing and using a water cartridge with your hot tub. Hopefully this provided some clarity in how the process works when handling water cartridges. They are inexpensive and easy to use, but still provide a lot of incredible benefits for keeping the water in your hot tub and spa fresh. Knowing how to handle a water cartridge will do your purchase great in many ways.