How To Keep Your Hot Tubs Water Clean

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean?

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How To Keep Your Hot Tubs Water CleanNo matter how quickly technology develops, there will never be a fully self-cleaning hot tub or spa. The smaller things that are involved with cleaning a hot tub and spa are taken care of by the built in system, but when it comes to general maintenance and care you’ll have to roll up your sleeves every now and then. Below is a guide that shows how to keep your water as clean as possible so that you don’t end up with rashes from dirty water. Keeping the water clean goes beyond keeping the hot tub clean, and gives some examples that may make the water last longer than normal until the next cleaning. And remember that just because the water looks clean that doesn’t mean that it is clean.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Water CleanBacteria can grow rapidly in warm water if left unchecked, which is why sanitizing the water is a great way to keep it clean and kill those germs. The most widely used substance is the same one they use in swimming pools, and is none other than chlorine. There are two types of chlorine, and the one that you want to use is Dichlor. Trichlor should be avoided as a spa sanitizer, and is more common used in swimming pools.

The reason you want to avoid Trichlor is because of how corrosive it is in warm water, so much that it could damage your hot tub and void its warranty. The right amount of chlorine in a hot tub is beneficial, and if used properly won’t lead to the side effects of rashes, itches or smell. Available in tablets or granules, chlorine should be your first line of defense when it comes to taking care of your water.

Bromine is secondary solution, and is also available as granules, nuggets or tablets. It heavily relies on an oxidizer in order reach its full effect which is why it is sold as active and non-active. The active version has chlorine included in it which saves you the trouble of using the non-active version which needs an oxidizer in order to work effectively. Some consumers prefer Bromine as their go to sanitizer since it doesn’t have as many odors as chlorine and doesn’t gas off when temperatures go above 98 degrees. Whether you prefer one over the other is going be entirely up to you, as both Chlorine and Bromine cost the same.

Last on the list and gaining popularity as a hot tub sanitizer is Biguanide, which is the only non-chlorine and non-bromine sanitization method on the list. This is a viable third option for keeping your water clean and clear if you are somehow allergic to the first two chemicals, or just plain don’t like them. Biguanide is the most efficient at getting rid of bacteria and has the fewest odors of all the sanitizers mentioned. To make it even more attractive, it doesn’t gas off at higher temperatures, but does have the con of not being compatible with enzyme systems.

Cleaning the Hot Tub

How To Keep Your Hot Tubs Water CleanThe simplest and easiest way to keep the water clean is by actually changing the water and cleaning the hot tub at recommended intervals. Cleaning isn’t as simple as dumping out the water and spraying the sides, but includes cleaning out the filter that cleans the water. Keeping the filter clean means that it will always be in tip top shape to clean the water when you’re in and out of it. Many hot tub retailers sell solutions that are made specifically to clean the hot tub filter so that it has a longer cycle before it’s replaced. A regularly cleaned filter can extend its life up to a year longer than normal filters. So at that point it becomes not only a cleaning agent but a real money saver.

Just like your regular bath tub a hot tub and spa can get a scum ring. Replacing the water regularly and using sound sanitation methods will prevent this, but if you want to take it a step further you can always purchase scum ring specific products. These products fight the buildup that causes scum rings and aids with the sanitation process. As a last line of defense to cleaning your hot tub, you can prevent it from getting dirty by using the cover that came with it. A lot of dirt and debris that gets in a hot tub isn’t from the people using it, but from outside elements when the hot tub is not even in use.

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Water CleanLeaving the top off of your hot tub when you’re not using it not only invites anything to land in the water, it also lets valuable heat escape from the hot tub. This makes the pump go into overtime trying to keep it at your set temperature, and costs you money in the long run. Make sure to also keep the cover of the hot tub clean so that you aren’t doubling up when you put it on. A big mistake can be tossing it on the grass and then tossing it right back on top of the hot tub. Besides inviting particles from the grass to dance around in the water, you’ll probably also end up inviting unwanted pests. Take care of the hot tub cover, and it will take care of your hot tub.


As you can see there are multiple ways to keep your hot tub and spa water clean, with many of them costing you more time than actual money. It is not expensive to keep up with a hot tub and the water in it if you practice sound prevention techniques. Soon after, everything will start automating itself. Remember to rotate the water every so often when needed, and that water clarity is not a great piece of evidence in determining if it is dirty. Using any of the methods above your water will be crystal clear and clean year round for your family to enjoy.