Relax and Unwind With Portable, Inflatable Hot Tubs

Relax and Unwind With Portable, Inflatable Hot Tubs

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Relax and Unwind With Portable, Inflatable Hot TubsWith all of the benefits of hot tubs and portable spas it is hard not to recognize the true feeling of luxury that comes with owning one. With all of the plug and play models available on the market you’ll spend less time prepping and more time relaxing in your new hot tub. This includes in your home, outside your home, away from your home and basically anywhere you have a stable surface and an outlet. So what are some of the ways and places you can get the most out of your hot tub?


Placing your hot tub in your home is a great way to make it the centerpiece of an otherwise bland basement. Putting it in the basement with a big screen TV, pool table, and a bar with alcohol turns your bland basement into the best relaxation spot on the block. This is not only a man cave and game room styling, but a purchase that can make family gatherings a lot more functional with a lot of people in your home. Having the hot tub inside also keeps you from inclement weather that can occur several times a year. While there is a snowstorm or heavy rainfall outside, you’ll be inside enjoying the hot water of your very own hot tub. Besides being protected from the elements, there is also less time for it to get heated up since it will be at room temperature.


Relax and Unwind With Portable, Inflatable Hot TubsDo you have a lot of parties and invite people over often? If the party tends to take place outside, then adding a hot tub will do a world of wonders for some of your guests. This is effective for customers that BBQ a lot, and gives your guests something to do other than playing games or watching TV. It also works as a way to relax when they are finished eating that great meal you just prepared. Don’t be surprised if it gets full fast as the guests realize just how comfortable it really is. Since there is no real way to know just how many people will end up in the hot tub, opting to purchase one that fits 6-7 would be your best bet in maximizing the space. It’s a perfect way to have the guests unwind after a long and fun party as well.


Going on a road trip? The best way to get the best out of that trip is by bringing a portable spa with you. With the number of inflatable spas available to buy, there are plenty to choose from that has all of the features you may need. And since many of the inflatable spas can be shrunken down and carried in a bag, you basically have the power to carry a 4 person spa on your back and set it up wherever there is an outlet.

The majority of them run on a 120v outlet which means that you can plug it up to your RV whenever you stop and have the time of your life. Just because they are portable it does not mean that they will get rips and tears, so feel free to take full advantage of this feature and treat it like a normal spa. It only takes a couple of minutes to go from full deflated to fully inflated, and at that point you can start adding in the water you need in order to heat it up and get things going. As a tip, when using it like this try pouring in water that isn’t cold to shorten the amount of time it takes to heat up to the temperature you set.

Relax and Unwind With Portable, Inflatable Hot TubsHealth Benefits of Hot Tub

Soaking in hot water has various health benefits that will improve your life. But focusing strictly on hot tubs as a way to relax and unwind, it promotes a great mental state that will stay with you on the way to bed, and also when you wake up in the morning. So imagine the outcome if you did this 4-7 days a week? It promotes an improved lifestyle, and all for the fraction of the cost that you would spend on other products that don’t have the benefits. In truth relaxing in a hot tub is one of the easiest thing you can do to improve your daily lifestyle for the better. And since it can be a group activity, you can still unwind while being social and sharing your fun with everyone else.

Things to Know

Relax and Unwind With Portable, Inflatable Hot TubsSetting the water at 104f, the max temperature, is the best way to enjoy all of the relaxing benefits of a hot tub and spa. The highest temperature usually results in the maximum enjoyment, so make sure to always have it ready to go at that level. Inflatable hot tubs also have the added benefit of cushion, something that the portable and non-portable versions don’t have. But the portable and non-portable versions have actual jets with better massage, so the decision on which one is more relaxing for you will come down to personal preference on the included materials and features. Using the cover that comes with your system is the best way to keep the water at 104f, as well as an easy way to accelerate the temperature to that level. Better heaters will give more efficient performance, so always take care of your heaters so that you’re waiting around less to use the hot tub.


There is no better way to relax and unwind than with a portable spa or hot tub, and if the above samples don’t get you primed and ready for a dip then little else will. If you’re trying to relax at home or away you can enjoy the same benefits with no change at all from the normal setup procedures, allowing you to make a vacation away from home whenever you feel like it. So go out and purchase the perfect hot tub and spa for yourself and get to unwinding and relaxing in an environment of your own.