Review: Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

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At the high price of the price spectrum the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub is a good example of getting the best features into one system. Available in sizes of Miami (4 person), Palm Springs (6 person) and Paris (6 person), rather than taking a one size fits all mentality Bestway gives consumers options. They boast about being the world’s first premium spa, and with the level of detail in the product it’s easy to see why. Bestway has spent almost a decade with their engineering department to create the innovations in their flagship products that has them so popular today.

The Lay-Z-Spa has an install that is completely tool free and has a host of advanced features not found in other products. Even hot tubs that retail for twice the price miss some of the beneficial features of this Bestway model, which is why it is so well reviewed. The digital control panel that controls water temperature and flow has a very direct control scheme so customers don’t have to spend hours reading the manual. Everything on the panel is clear and easy to understand without the need for further reference. At the current price this is one of the best on the market with few able to meet its standards.

Best Features of Bestway Lay-Z-Spa

You don’t have to wait hours for the water to get heated to the correct temperature thanks to the Rapid Heating System built into the unit. Water will be ready in minutes and all while doing it quickly and safely, up to 104f maximum. The control panel has direct access to over 120 bubble jets, more than enough to hit all of the vital sore points on your body. Because of the way the control panel is placed, it can be controlled from within the hot tub. Along with keeping excess water off the floor, it is just plain convenient to use without having to get out. Use of the water filtration system and chemical floater will help in keeping the system running at peak capacity.

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The Lay-Z-Spa is very easy to care for, and includes detailed instructions on some advanced care tips that will be beneficial to protecting your purchase. Technical innovation isn’t the only place Bestway proved its point, they put extensive work into their Tritech material, a 3 ply reinforced construction that makes the hot tub as durable as a standard hot tub. Worrying about your expensive purchase getting cheap holes in it is a thing of the past, as you’ll get the best materials that money can buy for a hot tub of this type. A good example of how well the system works it to sit on the side of it while it is fully inflated. It won’t bend or break, because that is how solid the construction is.

Things to Know About Bestway Lay-Z-Spa

Included with the package is a garden hose adapter that allows the water to be drained properly. After draining most of the water by using this method, you can remove the remaining water by opening the drain vale on the pool floor. This method takes less than half an hour to fully complete which is pretty good when you consider how many gallons it holds. If you plan to have it on all day every day, factor in what it would cost a normal appliance that used 110v.

The average cost monthly to have this on every day all day comes to about $40-$80 dollars monthly. That’s pretty good considering how fast it heats up, and you’ll only reach that monthly cost if you have it on 24/7. Water capacity is at 192 gallons, so when filling it pay attention to the max. Depending on the environment the spa is in, that will give you a good idea of how long it will take to reach its top temperature of 104f.

If the surrounding area is cold, then plan on it taking a good 24 hours to reach the max. But if you’re in a warm area, it will reach top temperature noticeably quicker, even as fast as 10 hours. The starting temperature of the water being poured into the spa makes a big difference as well. Inside the tub is comfortable, but there aren’t any actual seats to sit in. There are also no lights, so plan for that if you’re going to install this in an outside setting.

Best Comparison

Therapurespa EST5868 4-Person Inflatable Portable Hot Tub with Storage Bag is the best comparison, but is a tad bit smaller and not as polished as the Lay-Z-Spa. It is at the lower part of the medium priced threshold and is ultra-portable with a quick install and teardown. It uses a similar 110v setup and holds a maximum of 211 gallons. The EST5868 is more portable than the Lay-Z-Spa but has a weaker heater, smaller size, and doesn’t quite give you that luxury feel. It’s a good RV spa, but the same can be said for the Lay-Z-spa.

Price Changes

There has been a huge price cut on this since release and it is at its lowest price ever. This is for all sizes including the Miami, Palm Springs and Paris. This puts the unit in some interesting company in the market with similar priced hot tubs that lack some of its better features. Since this is a flagship product it’s doubtful if it will be cut any more than it already has, so if you’re going to make a move on this product then now would be the best time.

Personal Opinion

A great hot tub by a great company, this is easily one of the better inflatable hot tubs on the market. It maintains a good level of portability while also being a prime option for a permanent hot tub if you choose to use it that way. This is something that a lot of inflatable hot tubs can’t do, so it is nice to see a model that can not only be used as a permanent solution, but has the parts to last in the process.

Many people are able to run this all year without any issues, and with the low cost in maintaining it there really is little risk in doing so. Customers that want to use the larger options will be pleased with the dimensions and the difference the 6 person hot tub has when compared to the 4 person version. You can really fit a lot of people in it comfortably without worrying about there being too little space. One of the biggest takeaways of this model is that it has just about all the features you would want in an inflatable hot tub at a fraction of the cost.


At the current price there is a lot of competition that will have to try harder to compete with this great product. The amount of work that Breakway has put into making this relevant is astounding, and buyers will be pleased with the small touches they added in. Whether considering a short term or long term hot tub in your budget, this will not only fit the bill but will give you years of enjoyment at a small price.