Review: Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

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The high priced Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub is available in in one size that comfortably fits 4 people. This one size fits all gives customers a lot of room to customize and choose the right size for their specific outing. The heating system works overtime to give you hot water fast, while the water filtration system is made from one of the finest hot tub cartridges on the market.

Using the digital control panel will give customers smiles, as not only is the placement great, but so is the learning curve. No longer do you have to worry about long complicated key presses when you just want to relax, and all thanks to this product from Coleman. Rather than full on jets they use a Lay-Z massage system that gives one of the most comfortable water massages ever. The feeling is easily comparable to multi-jet systems in terms of comfort level. Spend less time worrying about the setup and more time playing with the no tool install. If you’re ready to get an inflatable hot tub then this is a pretty good start for a first choice.

Best Features

Starting with the stellar price, this is one hot tub that has a lot of features. Pricing is set to make it accessible to everyone, and it requires a lot less green in order to make it your own. It comfortably fits the recommended amount of adults, and with room to spare. Its portable setup allows it to be ideal for indoor and outdoor environments without worry about holes or rips occurring in outside settings. Inflating the entire tub only takes a few minutes, and it has technology that is backed by a decade of engineering.

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Breaking down the easy to read digital control panel, it has individual settings for temperature adjustment, Lay-Z-Massage activation, water filter activation, Celsius/Fahrenheit Mode Toggle and heat activation. The pictures are as clear as day so that there is no confusion when choosing any of these modes. The massage system is backed by several bubble jets and a heating system that can go up to 104f max. All of these controls can be accessed without having to leave the tub.

Unlike older hot tub models this is built to be durable, and you can even sit on the side without it buckling or deflating. Using TriTech material to support the core, this is one of the most durable inflatable hot tubs you can purchase for the price. This includes a puncture resistant build through the strength and durability of I-Beam construction. Included items are an insulated cover to keep the water warm when not in use, a chemical floater to keep the water at tip top shape, a filter cartridge, ground cloth, inflation hose and a dvd with general maintenance tips and installation instructions.

Things to Know

Product dimensions are 32x22x24 inches with a weight of 88 pounds without water. Cost for keeping it on everyday all day for about a month is $60-$80. If you don’t run the heater constantly to keep it at a certain temperature then it will be less. Using only 110v makes a big difference with this so make sure to try it out for yourself for a more correct reading. And if the heater has to work harder because the air around it is cold, then look for the price to go up rather than down per month.

This model can hold a maximum of 250 gallons of water, so for deck builders that need to know the maximum weight without adults in it, it will be around 1900-2100 of total pounds with the hot tub and the water. Depending on how cold you have the water and surrounding area, it could take up to 24-48 hours to get to the max temperature of 104f.

Best Comparison

Using the Homax Inflatable 211 Gallons as a comparison, these two are very feature rich and have a lot in common. The prices are the same, but the Coleman does get a little bit more water in it compared to the Homax. They both work on an 110v plug and are lightning fast to inflate-so what sets these two apart? The digital control panel on the Coleman is the better between the two, and the main reason for choosing it over the Homax model. It’s a very close competition, but a control panel that advanced can’t be ignored for a potential customer.

Price Changes

Because the Coleman is a branded version of a Bestway model, the price has stayed the same since launch and will not go down. It does retail for slightly less than the Bestway model, but that is more likely intentional than an actual sale. These are always in stock so there is no worry about the warehouses suddenly being empty when you need one, and stock should continue to be steady even late into next year. What would be interesting is if Bestway continued to license this version out to other companies, then customers would definitely see a drop in price with one of the other models.

Personal Opinion

Sometimes branded hot tubs can be a bad thing, but nothing of the sort seems to be going on with this model. It has all of the features that you would want in a hot tub that last for years, and all without the bad price. And since it is a little bit cheaper in price than what could be considered an identical tub, it gets points for trying something a little different. In some ways this Coleman hot tub goes out of its way to punch home the convenience factor that is associated with inflatable hot tubs.

This can be seen with the design and the way they present the hot tub as a product. The material that is used to make the interior is also soft, but firm enough to where you feel like you are sitting in a cloud. This doesn’t get mentioned enough as a feature, but it really puts this hot tub on another level compared to the others. And it manages this without being more susceptible to holes and rips than other inflatable hot tubs in the same market.

Time will tell if customers would rather go with the Bestway model rather than the Coleman, but there are enough subtle differences between the two that making a comparison wouldn’t be fair to either company. If the lower price of the Coleman strikes a chord with some customers, then chances are that is the way they will turn when making a decision between the two. On the plus side, both of the warranties are comparable to one another, so customer still win in that regard.


With all of the innovations associated with hot tub technology and their inflatable counterparts, it’s easy to get wrapped up in a price war or feature war. This Coleman model stands out from the rest by offering a feature rich ‘cushy’ option for customers that want a hot tub so relaxing that they could fall asleep in it. This has been a winning product for everyone that has purchased it, and will continue to amaze the newcomers.