Review: Homax Inflatable (600 Liter) SPA 4-Person 130 Air Jets

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Homax Inflatable 158 gallons(600 Liter) SPA 4-Person 130 Air Jets

This high priced inflatable hot tub does everything it can to entice consumers to purchase a Homax product over others. Even though it is meant as a 4 person spa, it is roomy enough that many will wonder why other 4 person spas can’t be this spacious. No matter where you choose to set it, inside or outside, it can fit and won’t take up a lot of space. Homax concentrated on giving it the perfect amount of width but focusing heavily on how deep it is.

This gives customers a wonderful sinking feeling when they get in the hot tub, with the tradeoff being that it may be higher off the ground than other hot tubs. If you have an RV then this is the perfect companion accessory, and if the ground is level enough where you park then it is easy to inflate this right alongside your vehicle. No special plugs are required to power this hot tub, and it gets along just fine on your standard outlet. No more worrying about finding a converter plug, as you can easily plug in your mobile phone and hot tub in the same spot.

Rather than focusing on the highest temperature, Homax made a system that gives comfortable temperatures across the board. It does every setting great, from high to low. Enjoy an incredible amount of jets to massage your aching body, more than any other on the market currently for an inflatable hot tub of this size. There is a good amount of accessories included that should more than help you come to a quick decision about this awesome product from Homax. This is definitely one of the better models in their lineup.

Best Features

It’s hard not to start with the 130 air jets that they built into this inflatable hot tub. This isn’t a gimmick, and if you compare the level of comfort of this inflatable hot tub with a standard hot tub then you’ll be amazed at the results. With 4 people in the hot tub and 130 jets to share, it’s a great feeling to not have weak jets hitting your body. An included protective cover will not only keep debris and other materials from entering your hot tub, but it will also serve as a way to speed up heating.

Keeping the cover on during the heating process speeds up the time it would normally take to heat the entire hot tub up. The good news for consumers that like a wide range of temperatures is that this Homax model doesn’t just do 104f well, but everything below and between. By not concentrating on just making sure the top temperature is perfect, they’ve developed an efficient little motor in this model that will last for years no matter how often you use it. A simple 110v plug that can be found around the house will do the trick to get you started. If not factoring in the heating or the bubbles, inflating the hot tub takes very little energy compared to other 110v appliances in your home.

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Maximum portability was taking into consideration with this product which is why it is a lot deeper rather than making it unnecessarily wider. This does not keep it from being spacious, but also makes it a lot easier to place when it is fully inflated. It can fit in a lot of areas where other inflatable hot tubs can’t go, and all without sacrificing space for 4 people in it. A 6 month warranty is included on the spa pool body, 12 month for the control panel and 12 months for the entire control box. That is more than enough time and quite a bit of while for a hot tub warranty.

Things to Know

The product is not round, but square with dimensions of 61x43x25.6 and a weight of only 52 pounds without water. Maximum amount of water that can be added to it is 158 gallons, so it won’t kill your garden hose. The color is a basic black and grey that will fit in with most outdoor furniture, but also won’t clash with anything indoors. Heater is a 1350w/1.8 HP beast that when operating at full load can handle everything you throw at it. Temperature range goes as low as 68f to 104f, but does a great job on all temperatures within that range. Make sure to clean the cartridge every 7-10 days so you can prolong its life.

Homax cartridges are pretty strong and resilient so don’t expect to blow through them if you keep up with general maintenance. Because of the way the heater is built, unless you plan on operating the hot tub 24/7 you won’t see any major increases on your utility bill. This is a huge plus for a system of this size and a nod to its build quality. Unlike some other hot tub products the heater stays on when you turn on the bubbles in order to give you maximum satisfaction.

Best Comparison

Looking at the Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub there are some similarities, but with the Coleman coming in at a lower price. The cartridges are better with the Coleman but its massage and heating feature pales in comparison to the Homax. For a more complete solution then stick with the Homax model, even if the Coleman seems a little more enticing.

Price Changes

Since launch it has remained at the current price, which is high. There really isn’t going to be a change in that, even during the holidays and other seasons. This is one of their better selling models, so unless they plan to retire it soon, then expect the price to stay steady. On the plus side they are fully stocked, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your hands on one.

Personal Opinion

There really isn’t a reason to not love this model, and coming from Homax customers in the know feel the same way. The biggest feature to hold onto is the 130 jets that really make this model stand out from other inflatable hot tubs. That’s a lot of firepower for a regular hot tub to pack, so imagine the surprise to see it on an inflatable hot tub. As icing on the cake they included an above average cover to keep everything in check. There really are no significant cons to talk about other than the price, which is expected to stay steady because of how popular the item is. With so many hot tubs on the market now, this can be considered one of the best if not the best. So for the price it really isn’t a bad deal at all, and worth it if you’re looking.


Homax makes their mark on the industry again with this great addition to their hot tub and spa family. With an inflatable spa this strong it will be hard to look back into the world of regular spas. Homax may have bridged the gap a bit between the two, but don’t think they’ll stop there. Chances are this is only their first step to becoming one of the biggest innovators in the industry.