Review: Homax Inflatable (950 Liter) SPA 6-Person 130 Air Jets

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This hard to find high priced hot tub is another Homax creation that brings the best features all into one hot tub system. Whether installing inside the house or outside there is always room for this model. Billed as one of the bigger inflatable hot tubs in the lineup, it still finds a way to fit 6 people comfortably without making the placement of the system difficult. This is the recommended model if you’re on a camping trip with the family, and gives ample room for the entire family to get in the hot tub.

It’s big enough for a family, but not too big to where you will have troubles finding a place to put it. This perfect size is accentuated by the square shape, a 4 sided creation that works even better than it looks. Standard outlets don’t need to be converted in order for this hot to fit into place, which is a real winner if you’re stuck with standard outlets in your current location. Buyers that travel a lot will love that the hot tub can fit into the same socket as a portable iron.

Since this is one of the bigger Homax models, it also has the most powerful air jets to give you the best massage possible. Even if you fill up the hot tub with the max of 6 people, they will all get the benefits of the massage. The location of the jets are at the bottom, and when they come up it gives off a really good feeling that is hard to mimic with other products. If you want an easy to use hot tub that is a little bigger than the norm, then go for this Homax 252 gallon model.

Best Features

With such a large size to the hot tub they had to include a cover that was not only big enough, but could insulate it and keep the heat in. Thankfully they succeeded on both accounts and customers will get one of the best covers the company has to offer. The protective cover is made to be durable but light, and will keep harmful elements out of the water while it is on. There are 130 air jets inside the hot tub, something of a staple for the Homax brand that shows how committed they are to bringing the spa experience to residential homes.

Every single one of these jets are powerful and provide a warm and cozy experience in all setups. They are also built in a way that with proper care makes them immune to larger debris that may get in the pool. Enjoy temperatures of up to 104f during all seasons of the year, a real treat when you factor in just how many people can get in there at once. For party lovers, this is the perfect centerpiece to a deck, whether home or away. Even with the added girth it is no more difficult to carry than a smaller inflatable spa. It can go anywhere and everywhere as long as you have an outlet and stable surface.

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If you need to store it for a couple of months at a time, then the deflated version is small enough that it could fit on a shelf without inconveniencing you too much. And when you’re ready to go don’t hesitate to inflate it again and have it ready in no time flat for your party.

Things to Know

The warranty continues to stay the same despite this being a bigger model, and you’ll get 12 months on the control panel and whole control box and 6 months on the spa pool body. This square shaped hot tub has dimensions of 73x59x25.6 and only weighs 60 pounds when inflated, not counting the max water volume of 252 gallons.

This is one of the largest inflatable hot tubs on the market, but it still operates on the 110v standard. The heater is also largely the same for this model like all other Homax models, and is a beefy 1.8 horsepower unit. Because of the size, users may want to be careful when entering or exiting the hot tub. For quick draining there is an option to attach a hose to the unit which can be really helpful if you can’t just empty the water as is. Attaching it takes a few seconds, and it saves you the problem of cleaning up.

The bubble jet feature is optional, and after 20 minutes of continual use they shut off automatically for 10 minutes to recharge themselves. Accessing these settings from the control panel is pretty straight forward even if you’ve never used a hot tub before. Some purchases of this model come with the default filter while others come with an extra filter. Make sure to ask beforehand which version you’re getting so that you can avoid any confusion with the order. If you get a chance to extend the warranty on this hot tub, then by all means do it. It’s very popular, but the parts are becoming scarcer as the popularity goes up.

Best Comparison

Well it would be the Homax Inflatable 158 Gallons of course, without a doubt. It is the smaller version of this unit that seats 4 people. The gallon differential is huge between the two, and shows just how much of a supersize you get when you make the jump to a 6 person spa. With about a 100 gallon difference, that equals out to 50 gallons per extra person. Since they are so much alike, right down to the square shape, what you prefer between them will come down strictly to size. Surprisingly the cost of these items are closer together than most people think.

Price Changes

Homax doesn’t do a lot of sales on their items, and with this particular product being currently low in stock, it really isn’t going on sale. This is a very popular model from the brand maker that is hard to keep in stock, so if you are in the market for a bigger inflatable spa than normal, pick this up if you see it. It usually isn’t available for very long, and when it is out it takes forever to get restocked.

Personal Opinion

Big inflatable hot tubs of this size don’t just show up out of nowhere, they are a rare sight. At least the quality ones are, which would explain why this model is sold out in a variety of places. Since the price is not going to drop to anything special picking this up when you see it is the best option-that is if you want a 6 person spa and not something smaller. Even in the case of needing a smaller hot tub it might be better to bite the bullet and go big. Remember that you can’t go up in a size without buying a brand new hot tub.


Easily one of the best deals in the industry, this Homax 6 person hot tub will make the top lists on several different outlets. The question is will you get your chance to purchase the best innovation since sliced bread.