Review: Homax Inflatable SPA (800 Liter) 4-Person 130 Air Jets

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This high priced inflatable Homax model does everything right and all without cleaning out your bank account. Building on their massive success of an older model of this, buyers can consider this the newer model, or at least the round one. Boasting multiple air jets, customers can be sure that they will get the full spa experience with this hot tub. With its round structure, you’ll feel each and every jet massaging your body and giving you an experience that is hard to match at the current price.

No matter where you decide to place your hot tub, it won’t have any problems accommodating the spot due to its very precise dimensions. And rather than spending all of your time waiting on it to fully blow up, spend it in the hot tub since the inflation time is extremely fast. Once deflated, it can fit in the trunk of any car, and can even shrink enough to be put into a bag and carried around on your back. This is total portability, and only in a way a company like Homax can offer.

The hot tub plugs into any standard outlet in or around your house, so just find an open outlet within reach and plug it in. For homes with weird setups, this convenience will be a blessing in disguise. This is truly a plug and play product that doesn’t require any extra special prepping in order to be used. An included digital control panel provides you direct access to all of the most important features, with big easy to read icons so you don’t have to search inside of the manual to figure it out. The only hard part about this purchase is to choose whether you want the updated version or the older square version.

Best Features

If the 130 jets that are included in the interior of this hot tub don’t excite you, then nothing will. This feature mimics one of hot tubs that are triple its price, so saying it is a bargain is a massive understatement. With that many air jets working at full speed guests are sure to be comfortable and to think they are in a hot tub that is worth triple the price. To speed up the heating process a high quality protective cover is included that will also block harmful materials from entering the hot tub.

With the cover on and protecting your hot tub, nothing can get in that could possibly clog up any of the jets, or wreak havoc to the filtering system. Although not the most advanced digital control panel on the market, this model still retains some of the great qualities that make it the most useful one. There are no strange controls to worry about activating, and a beginner can recognize each and every function just by looking at the icons on the panel.

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This is a big improvement over older models that may have left some room for the imagination. Inflating the system doesn’t take a lot of power, and even when you do decide to up the ante a bit and put everything on, it still operates fine on a standard 110v outlet. You can plug this into any of the standard outlets in your house for maximum capability and also do the same when you’re on the road. And whenever you decide to go on the road, when deflated it is small enough to fit wherever a suitcase could fit. So you can carry an entire hot tub in a suitcase, and no one would be the wiser! If planning to use it in a confined space, the dimensions are tight enough to where it will fit in places where most other hot tubs won’t.

Things to Know

By using a round shape compared to the square shape of the older model Homax managed to give it a more compatible install. The black and gray colors from the previous model don’t change at all, and won’t clash with anything whether it is placed inside or outside. Black and gray are about as neutral as you’re going to get with colors. Maximum capacity for water is 211, which is at the higher tier for inflatable 4 person spas. You can get quite a bit of adult girth in this hot tub and still have some room to maneuver.

Dimensions are 71x55x25.6 with a weight of 66 pounds. It uses the standard Homax warranty of 6 months on the spa pool body, 12 months on the control panel and 12 months on the whole control box. It’s more than you’ll ever need, with a tough interior and exterior that will last for years under a good watchful owner. Users can set the temperature from anywhere between 68f to 104f according to their comfort level. Inflating the entire tub is pretty quick and can be done in as little as 15 minutes under the right conditions.

Best Comparison

It’s obviously going to be the Homax Inflatable 158 Gallons(600 Liter) SPA 4-Person 130 Air Jets Include Accessories Square Portable Hot Tub. It’s the same version as this only square, and holding about 60 pounds less water. The older version is still a hot product, and in certain installations the square shape is preferable. It’s really hard to choose one over the other unless you specifically want the extra gallons of water with the newer model. Read up and purchase whatever fits your current setup.

Price Changes

Stock is starting to get low on these models, so look for the price to remain the same rather than to go down. On the plus side that also means it isn’t going up, but the model is already heavily discounted from when it first debut. This is a popular model that you should definitely buy if you get the chance, as there is no guarantee that it will be available later in the year-especially after the holidays.

Personal Opinion

Even with the older version being just as popular, it is hard to ignore how great this version is in its own right. The setup is easy, it inflates fast, and it reaches 104f at a rate that would make rival manufacturers jealous. On purchase you’ll notice that the size is actually as expected, rather than being smaller than pictured. The bubbles are very strong coming from the bottom and have an auto timer than you can configure. The only downside is the lack of chlorine if you want it, but that is an optional and separate purchase you can make. Considering that it can hold 104f with the best of them without driving your electricity through the roof, missing chlorine as an accessory isn’t going to drive the rating down at all.


You can make a lot of great decisions with purchases if you decide to go with Homax, as all of their products scream quality from top to bottom. Be prepared to make a run for any optional accessories you may need, and also make sure to have filter cleaning supplies on hand. This is one buy that will last you for years and give you more than your money’s worth.