Review: Intex PureSpa Inflatable Jet Massage Hot Tub

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Coming in at the high price point is the Intex PureSpa 4-Person Inflatable Jet Massage Hot Tub, a marvelous addition to the inventory at Intex. The control panel is one of the best and easy to use that you can get, and all without putting a bunch of the buttons together. Everything reads out easy, with additional documentation to help you understand if there are any errors. The Purespa line was built for green users and has a lot of ecofriendly features that are good for the environment.

Chemicals that would usually harm users and the environment are not needed with the initial and ongoing setup of the unit. At the same time, they also make it optional, so other consumers at least have a choice when they are going through their options for keeping the water clean. Your skin will get a lot of extra moisture by the way this spa treats the water, and goes beyond just offering an emulated soft water experience like other hot tubs.

Out of the box the heating system is very good when it comes to lasting a long time and will do wonders if you maintain it well. Although inflatable, don’t count on this hot tub to simply buckle over as it is made of very high quality material. From the ground up this is as solid as a normal hot tub, and will last just as long. When prepping the water it is very quick to heat it up, and it holds a lot of water for a 4 person spa. This is a very good deal for anyone that wants to jump on it.

Best Features

The entire unit fully inflates in 20 minutes, and is ready for your water at that point. The amount of time it takes to inflate the unit is very good for an inflatable hot tub product, and is one of the main selling points. It deflates just as quickly with the included pump so you can carry and transport it anywhere you may need it. When fully inflated it can seat up to 4 adults, and still leaves a lot of room for moving around.

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Water capacity maxes out at 210 gallons so make sure to plan for the extra weight when deciding on a placement. That same water can be heating up to a max of 104f, the perfect temperature for soaking your body in. FiberTech branded construction is both puncture resistant and damage resistant thanks to the 3 ply laminated material that coats it. This not only guarantees durability, but also adds an extra layer of comfort so your guests don’t feel like they are laying on a brick.

To add to the durability feature there are 48 FiberTech beams that give this inflatable tub a firmness unlike any other product available. Not only is the wall more supportive, but it can take uneven weight on all sides of the tub without buckling over. Fans of water softeners will be happy to know that this has an electronic built in electronic hard water treatment system that conditions the water so that it provides the maximum health benefit to your skin. This isn’t some cheap emulation trick but a full system that works in the background to treat the water until it is at the optimum level.

Because it works in tandem with the heating coil system, your mileage on the electronics will be extended due to the added efficiency of the two units working together. This is a major plus for the unit and makes the included warranty even more valuable. The ecofriendly saltwater sanitation system is another nod to Intex’s role at being a green provider, and it automatically cleans water in a much better way than chlorine can.

On the inside of the hot tub are 4 high performance jets that simulate a massage and are plenty powerful for the 4 guests that will be in there for the time. Included accessories are an insulated cover, a 3 way test strip, 2 filter cartridges, a floating pool chlorine dispenser, a thermal ground cloth, inflation hose, carrying bag and cove straps with child security lock. That’s a lot of extras for the price, and is somewhat of a deal that will be hard to beat if you’re looking for something similar. The weight is a hefty 149 pounds while the dimensions are 34×22.5×20.5 inches.

Things to Know

The hot tub uses a 110v hook up, so make sure you have a compatible outlet available. There are 110v converters available that will let you do 220 hookups, but they are not available from the manufacturer. The tub is low enough to where people who have problems getting in and out of high areas will be comfortable with it. If you aren’t happy with where the four bubble jets are blowing, then you can move them in any direction.

This is an important feature that may be missed if you skim through the manual. It also heats the tub and runs the jets at the same time, so no worries about choosing one or the other. The heating attachment is pretty heavy but can still be carried by one person. It represents the bulk of the weight with this inflatable spa and is easier to account for than the weight of the gallons of water. Buyers looking for an especially easy setup will love how quickly this gets up compared to the others on the market.

Best Comparison

Looking at the Homax Inflatable 252 Gallons (950 Liter) SPA 6-Person 130 Air Jets as a comparable option seems fair, and it contains a lot of similar features for about the same price. Buyers should favor the Homax only if they need something larger than the 4 person PureSpa, especially since it is a lot more portable than the Homax.

Price Changes

This unit is sometimes really hard to get because of how popular it is, so expect it to stay in the high price range for a couple of months more. Since the stock is so low, also expect for it to go quickly if you ever find it available. Interested customers should pounce on this item if they really want it since there is no guarantee it will be in stock the next time you go and look for it.


There’s a lot to love about this model as they hit you over the head with features, and then finish you off with a long list of accessories. The 4 bubble jet may not seem like a lot, but it definitely does a great job even with 4 people in the hot tub. Intex has made a product available that really stands out from the competition. Since the product is hard to get a hold of, whenever it becomes available hungry customers are quick to purchase it so they can have one of the best hot tub experiences available. If you act fast, that lucky person could be you who owns one of these great hot tubs. Even if you miss out, there is a lot of other products from Intex that is sure to be more than you can ever need.