Review: Lifesmart Rock Solid Hydromaster 7 Person Spa

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Heading into the ultimate tier of luxury customers will most likely settle on the high price of the Lifesmart Rock Solid Hydromaster 7 Person Spa, considered to be one of the top 5 available spas in the business. Holding a massive amount of water, this large spa can seat 7 people with enough room to be accommodating. This is about as roomy as you can get for a 7 person spa without making the product a lot larger.

The exterior has a great and durable feel to it that can take a hit or two without chipping. With the inclusion of several jets and other water features you’ll find yourself more than happy to spend a little while longer in your new spa. With settings to relax the muscles and your mental state, you won’t be the only one that wants to stay in it for a little while longer. The Hydromaster also sports the biggest and most powerful pump you can get for a 7 person spa.

There will be plenty of bubble action to go around for all the guests in the spa, even if you fill it up to the max. And if you like your water temperature at 104, the heater will work overtime to make sure it gets there fast. Because of the extra size, Lifesmart has taken the extra step to include deterrents that keep your water clean at all times. This means you only have to worry about light maintenance and filter cleaning, which will save you a lot of time if you add it up. There are a lot of moving parts concerning this spa, so the actual controls have been simplified enough to where a beginner can access them without fault. Consumers will love the ease of the controls, and it will be one of the many features they enjoy with their new spa.

Best Features

Not one to shy away from design, Lifesmart made the matching steps available as an optional attachment. The spa is bigger than normal spas so the steps would be an awesome purchase with the product, and will also keep extra debris out the pool that guests may track in. Just on looks alone it is worth the grab, as the spa looks bare without it. Since it is ozone installation ready, buyers can purchase their own kits and get started with a more efficient way to keep their water clean. This is optional, but is recommended because of how much hassle it takes out of the cleaning process. An included cover not only looks good but is a locking thermal insulating hardcover.

It’s not a flimsy foam cover that the wind can blow off, which is a big plus for dissatisfied, customers that purchased cheap spas in the past. Green users will love that it passes requirements for the California Energy Conservation Standard. That’s less energy being wasted and more money being kept in your pocket. Using a good lessons from some of their other luxury products, they used a roto-molded rock solid artic white shell with a mahogany cabinet interior to make the design beautiful inside and out, and also maintenance free. Controls can be found on the topside and are digital and easy to master after a single day.

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For an extra treat customers can play around with the spa lights that use red and blue lenses during dark hours. Hydrotherapy is managed by the air and water mixture that strive for a balance configurable by the user through a comfort dial. Take your time and figure out your favorite setting and you’re good to go. The included 50 square foot filter is gargantuan and one of the main reasons why you should consider this 7 spa product over others. With a filter that big it is meant to keep the water clean no matter how many people get in and out of it.

As mentioned before, the pump is a beast at 3.6 HP with a 5 kilowatt stainless steel heater. This is considered tops in the game, so you’ll be hard pressed to find a model that beats those stats and doesn’t cost a fortune. Like most of their other products, this spa includes a relax waterfall that is fully optional. But when you have the 30 jets going simultaneously with the waterfall, it creates a very unique experience. The max amount of water this beast can hold is 340 gallons, so make sure to account for the extra weight when thinking of an install location.

Things to Know

Dimensions are listed at 81x81x34 with a warranty of 5 years on the shell and 2 years on the equipment. The labor is listed at 1 year, so even the fine print is more than adequate for proper coverage of a spa of this size. Speaking of size, it clocks in at about 575 pounds, making it one of the heaviest spas for a residential customer.

This is a double edged sword, with the other side being that the extra heaviness counts for durability. That’s a correct assessment, but it may also wreak havoc for customers that don’t take the time to plan out the installs total weight with water and people. More so than any other heavy appliance, planning ahead for this spa will really help you out in future.

Best Comparison

Maybe the Homax Inflatable 264 Gallons (1000 Liter) SPA with its capacity for 6 people would be a comparison, but comes in a bit sloppy. The build quality is nowhere near that of the Lifesmart model, but it does win out in the price department. The Homax can be bought for less than 1/6 the price of the Lifesmart, but of course that is if you don’t count all of the features you’d be missing out on.

Price Changes

As one of the flagship products in Lifesmarts lineup, the price will continue to stay at the current debut rate. This is expected since it is such a luxury product, and is also considered to be one of their better reviewed models across the board. Stock won’t go down at all, so feel free to shop around. But be wary during the holidays and pay attention to any special deals that pop up.

Personal Opinion

You’re not going to find a lot of spas that can offer this much in one package. It is a little annoying to have to purchase the steps separately, but those little things really do make a big difference. This spa just isn’t the same without them, so if you plan on buying the spa then you may as well pony up for the stairs. The last thing you would want is to buy the spa now and not be able to find someone that sells the stairs to go with it.


Consumers should definitely go out and purchase this product as it will not only enrich their lives, but turn into a worthwhile investment over the years. Whether you throw parties or not, there is no denying how great an activity this can be for the whole family. If you purchase this spa, you can bring the entire family and some friends too.