Review: Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa

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The high priced LifeSmart Rock Solid Luna Spa marks an interesting model for the famed company that has become quite famous for their luxury spas. With the Luna, they focused more on individual comfort rather than being a one size fits all for groups of 4-7 people. The biggest factor in that is the multiple seating positions available to you once you get in. Some people are comfortable on one side more than the other, and depending on where you decide to sit you’ll notice a different experience altogether.

This is a true plug and play model that works on standard outlets, with build in protection to keep it from shorting out your house. A lot of spas that use standard outlets don’t have a standalone system like this to prevent problems. And if you’re one of the lucky people with bad access to you fuse box, then you’ll understand perfectly how important a feature this is.

In all of its glory, even with all of the jets on, it uses are little power as possible and instead focuses the bulk of the energy on being more efficient. With the way that it is built the pump would work fine for a system twice the size of the Luna. The system features LifeSmart’s standard air mixing controls to put the user in control of every detail in the spa rather than letting it automate the important features. With included warranty this is really a great buy from a company that is making its name pretty well known in the industry. Buyers of their other products will have no troubles jumping on this one even with the high price.

Best Features

The stop side digital command center stands out more in this unit because of the size, and really covers just about everything with icons. A full read-through of the manual is recommended, but if consumers are looking for something specific with the control panel, they are most likely going to find it at first glance. With controls that easy, features become more of a pro rather than a con. If you’re the type that likes a little bit of flare at night, then use the interchangeable mood lens caps with your spa light to set the mood however you want it.

Many spas use this feature but the Luna does it especially well, and with a little bit of spice. Using the comfort valve you can set a manual air to water ratio for the spa, and the switch functions as a highly configurable set it and forget it option. Chances are once you get it to exactly the right balance, you’ll never touch it again. Adding to the customizing of the spa would be the rotating back jets and waterfall, another nice touch that puts this model in elite company. With so many water options it may be overwhelming at first, but thanks to the control panel it really is a simple task.

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This model can comfortably seat 3-4 people, and with the deep bucket seats you can really sit back and enjoy whatever view you have. The Luna models were built from the ground up to save energy, and it is all due to their full foam insulation system and thick spa covers. The Eco Smart technology trademark comes into play by using less energy to do more and saving you money all at the same time. Very few systems can accomplish this, and with the current size of the Luna, it is probably the greenest model available that isn’t inflatable.

Changing out the filters is not a chore at all, and they chose to make them top loading so that you don’t have to go out of your way to change or clean them. This was a customer complaint concerning older spas, and they listened to their customers and corrected it with the Luna. One thing that hasn’t changed is the incredible shell that wins plenty of points for being hard as a rock durable, but comfortable for anyone that wants to sit in it for an extended period of time.

Things to Know

At a weight of 255 pounds the dimensions are actually surprisingly roomy at 70x66x29 inches. It’s bigger than it looks, and is a little bit deeper too. The max temperature it goes to is 104f, which has been the industry standard a while ago. Some users have been able to get it as high as 116f by using tricks not recommended. If you do run across those tricks, please use with caution as there is a reason the market set the max temperature at 104f. If the spa gets damaged then it could possibly void your warranty.

Speaking of the warranty, it is a nice long 5 years on the shell with 1 year for electronics and the pump, with a 90 day labor contract if something goes wrong. That’s plenty long, and probably won’t even need to be called in. Like one of LifeSmart’s other great spas, there are matching stairs that are an optional buy.

The difference with this model is that the stairs are great, but aren’t so much a necessity as they are fun to have. It’s truly an optional buy that won’t hurt one way or the other. This is a very durable spa that has been used for years by customers, smoothly and without any faults.

Best Comparison

Definitely the Intex PureSpa Portable Jet Massage Hot Tub since it offers more room and better portability than the Luna. The prices are vastly different with the Luna being substantially more than the Intex, but that is mostly because of high quality build materials. There is a huge difference between these two when it comes to premium features, but for a customer that wants as many of the Luna’s features as possible without paying the higher price, the Intex comes off as looking like an attractive option. So the basic notion is that if the Luna is out of your price range, the next step down is a large one to the Intex. But as favorably reviewed as the Intex is, it’s no Luna. Choose carefully!

Personal Opinion

Spending this much on a spa that only fits 4 people is a huge gamble if you don’t trust the company. But with LifeSmart there is nothing to fear as they are well respected in the market. If you feel that you need something larger, then there is always a bigger model available from the same company. And if price is an issue, there are several inflatable tubs available. Basically the Luna is a luxury item that you can either choose to buy, or just move on to the next item. There are a lot of explosive features within this spa that makes it incredibly well priced. It’s just up to you if you want to spend the money to acquire them.


LifeSmart isn’t trying to hide just how great their products are, and customers are really getting around to discussing them through word of mouth. This small spa has a lot of features that spas double the size don’t have. Taking a dip in this spa is like a slice of heaven, and you’ll quickly forget the money you spent to acquire it.