Review: Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play

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Coming in at a high price is the Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa, a roomy and luxurious spa that is considered one of the best buys in the business. With precise seating for up to 4 people, each person will have their own roomy corner in the spa. It is designed that that each guest will have a place of their own to sit back and rest their arms. Consumers will notice that because of the design, there is a lot less crowding when 4 people are in the spa compared to other models.

A triumph in design goes to the exterior that is both beautiful and functional as the primary look of the spa. It’s the first thing customers will notice when they are deciding on the purchase since there really isn’t anything else this beautiful on the market. Prepare to have people ask where you bought it from and if they have any more, since it will be such a scene stealer inside or outside of your home. Comfort options for the water are multiple high powered jets for each dipper including several comfort options for the water.

There are multiple 12v lights that really make the spa stand out at night, and all of this is controlled by one of the best digital panels available for a spa. Throw in the efficient pump and you’ve got the best spa that money can buy. There are a lot of reasons to love this spa, especially with it being a more attractive option compared to an inflatable hot tub. If buying a product to place outside or inside, then this is the way to go if you want to impress everyone.

Best Features

Starting with the look, the sandstone rock-solid shell will sell you on the product long before you put water in it. That includes the matching sandstone rock-solid surround that makes it look like an illusion in the middle of paradise. It’s functional as much as it is beautiful, and works very well with any of the décor you have surrounding it. For a nice look, many users pair it with surrounding rocks and gravel while planting some tropical trees to give it the look of paradise.

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The sturdy construction and large amount of features is still only powered by a single 110v outlet, leaving buyers with a lot of ways to plug it in wherever they install it. Converters to high volts are possible with optional purchases, but are not necessary if you have a 110v available. The pump is a strong 1.5 HP that hums along nicely without being a noisy little workhorse. Without distracting the environment users can expect to get hours of relaxation, even when operating at full blast. Adding to the wonderful look of the spa is the waterfall, that’s small enough to affect the environment positively but interactive enough to where you’ll want to leave it on forever. If you’re worried about the air and water mixture being too powerful or not powerful enough, then the fine adjustments it allows you to make on the fly will be a sigh of relief.

This is one of the few spas that doesn’t shy away from configurability by the user. An included cover keeps heat in and also functions as an energy saver so the motor doesn’t have to work extra hard to keep the water at the correct temperature. It’s completely made of foam, and is just as good looking as the spa itself. As a surprise the company also included a 12 volt light with red and blue lens caps that is anything but cheap looking, and will add an aura of excitement at night while using.

With 12 total jets that comes out to 3 per user, get the full comfort levels and not a cheap knock off simulation of what a real spa feels like. As part of the discovery collection, this model continues the eco thermos plastic construction roots that have made it so popular among green users. And with all of these wonderful features being controlled by the Balboa digital control, it’s hard to go back to anything of lesser quality.

Things to Know

This is not a portable spa, and weighs a hefty 268.5 pounds with dimensions of 61x70x32 inches. So wherever you plan to install it you’ll have to make sure that the area is ready. There is nothing to assemble and it is plug and play out of the box once you put it in place. Uniform support is important for this model because of the construction, and you also have to factor in the weight of the adults and the gallons of water that will be concentrated on that one spot.

Customers that live in cold areas will love the insulation of this spa as it can consistently stay at 104f for extended periods of time. If you have had problems in the past with a spa that doesn’t keep the water clean, then the ozone treatment system built into the spa will be like night and day for you. Keeping up with general maintenance makes sure that it stays that way, leaving you only with the regular 2-3 month filter cleaning schedule.

Best Comparison

About the closest you can get is possibly the Homax Inflatable 158 gallons (600 Liter) SPA, a 4 person unit. The quality is great but still not the same as the Lifesmart model, and comparing an inflatable hot tub to this beast of a spa isn’t really fair. The problem is that the Lifesmart model sits alone by itself in the current price range, with the next tier up being almost double. If you want to go down in price, the next quality product underneath a Lifesmart is about 1/3 less priced. Lifesmart really cornered the market with this model, and they know it.

Price Changes

Without any real competition in their range, the price will stay the same for some time. Stock will be strong, so it will always be available when you need it. The only discount will come when the company expands on this collection or on a new one.

Personal Opinion

Even at the high price, this will be the best spa you have ever bought. There really isn’t anything available that is in this price range that offers this many luxury features. Besides being at the top of the food chain it is also an innovator in several categories. That means if you like this model you may be enticed to try out their others. Many curious customers have done so and are satisfied with the result.


For consumers that have a little cash to burn, you really can’t beat the luxury that is this spa. It really holds to a standard that will take a long time to beat by other competitors. With all of the premium features being offered that are powered by a 110v outlet, it doesn’t put the customer out of the way when they have to install. This is a true plug and play spa that doesn’t try to hide that it is one of the best you can buy.