Review: Strong Spas SS13300300 Rio 11 Jet Spa

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Another one of the premier bestsellers to look out for is the high priced Strong Spas SS13300300 Rio 11 Jet Spa that provides luxury experience for up to 4-5 people. It takes very little effort to install this spa, making it considerably more likely to be a better purchase if you were considering something more complex. Setting it up only takes a couple of minutes, and after putting in the water you’ll be good to go. Using the foot jets is a great pleasure compared to other models that have different placements.

You’ll really feel the difference in the movement with the Strong Spas model and come to love their take on the foot jet feature. Because of the octagon shape you’ll be able to comfortably fit in up to 5 people, a nice middle ground for families of 5 rather than squeezing into a 4 person spa. Even when adding in that 5th person everyone will have more than enough space to hang out on their side of the spa. The Materials that comprise the spa is one of the strongest you can find available for any brand, and is so durable that it is guaranteed to last year’s more than competing products. This is all included with a motor and heater that is capable of delivering one of a kind power to the spa.

Best Features

One of the more underplayed features of this product is the digital underwater LED light that makes night dipping a great feature. Buyers that decide to have this as an inside spa can design an entire room around this feature, something that other high quality spas lack the flair for. Other than that the 11 hydrotherapy jets may not seem like a lot but when paired with the powerful motor they really get the water going right. All guests will enjoy a relaxing experience with this feature, even if you the max of 5 in the spa. To keep the rate of unsatisfied customers down, the spa as is will fit through a standard doorway, thus making an already invaluable product even greater. If you’ve ever had issues where you had to go in through the patio door to get a product in, this one feature will save you tons of time.

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Any standard outlet will do for the 120v spa that is capable of being converted to 240v. It’s a cheap and option conversion kit that does the trick and it takes seconds to attach. That makes the spa available worldwide as a plug and play piece of equipment. A spa this big needs a pump that can handle it, and that’s what people will get with the 2 speed 2 HP pump that promises to last just as long as the spa itself. Even with all of its great power, it is still efficient and quiet in operation. So even if running the spa at full power, expect your utility bill to not change much from if you were running it at low settings. The listed product dimensions are 70.2×70.2×29.5 with a total weight of 280 pounds without the water.

Things to Know

The product does come with a cover that insulates heat and keeps materials out of the water when it is not in use. A good use for the cover would be to keep the water warm while you’re away so that you can give the pump a bit of a rest. Another good use would be to cover it up so that the water heats up faster rather than making the pump work extra.

Using the pump too much isn’t a bad thing since it is powerful enough to handle the load, but keeping from using unnecessary load on it will make the life span stretch out a lot further. Using an octagon shape was a brilliant idea for install purposes, and makes it the perfect addition for that setup that you just couldn’t figure out. This compact little unit is deceptively powerful but feature rich enough to where it can be considered luxury.

Best Comparison

Without a doubt the Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa is the best comparison to this product, but strangely enough isn’t a direct competitor. The Lifesmart model has a lot of extended features and designs that puts it above the Strong Spas, and they are both valued at the same price. The reason they aren’t considered direct competitors is because the

Lifesmart has a build that makes it perfect for outside more than inside. It is meant to be the centerpiece of your décor with its awesome ‘look at me’ curves. The Rio because of its setup can be considered a true portable spa that works inside and outside, with a much more grittier and durable interior and exterior. The Lifesmart will win on features like the waterfall and Balboa digital control panel, but the Rio will win out because of its stronger pump and ability to comfortable fit 5 people. It’s a close battle, so it will be interesting to see the total sales numbers on these at the end of the year.

Price Changes

Nothing at all has changed from its original debut price and it is readily available at all times. The Rio really needs some love from marketing as users are really missing out on some of its great and powerful features. Even during the holidays the price will stubbornly stay the same, so if you ever catch this on sale then you may want to grab it. There aren’t many 5 seater spas available that aren’t inflatable, and the ones that are don’t have a pump this strong. Strong Spas is standing firmly behind this model with the price and the few that have bought it have been pleasantly surprised with the results.

Personal Opinion

The Rio can be considered the perfect spa for inside and outside setups. Although inflatable hot tubs are the new in thing, spas of this tier are still selling strong because of the build quality. Granted the marketing department isn’t doing the Rio any favors, if this model ever does take off and starts selling like the Lifesmart model, then it will really change the landscape of the market for the good. The pros of the Rio should not be ignored, especially counting the indestructible resin cabinet that puts to shame anything else available. Right down to the placement of the jets this is a marvelous innovation that will only continue to get more popular as people catch on to its advanced features.


Hopefully this guide gave you something to look forward to when it comes to making a purchase for the Rio. As one of the more unappreciated spas available to the public, it really sets an interesting standard and challenges some of the older brands into making something revolutionary. If sales pick up on this model, chances are that the price will drop well enough to be in the ballpark for a lot of interested customers. That would not only be really good for the company, but for the market that is in serious need of competition from a smaller company.